Ready-To-Use Biochar Bucket

Ready-To-Use Biochar Bucket

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for checking out this page.

Since you’re here now, my guess is you’ve had some success with my biochar products in the past and want to get some more.

So, let me get straight to point.

As you know, this bucket is very basic looking.

It may take weeks to ship.

And it’s very expensive.

However, I believe making your soil (even) better than it is currently is a smart investment.

And it’s one of those investments that you can reap the rewards from for a long time.

And even though what you see is a boring, bland, unimaginative white bucket…

Looks can be deceiving.

The contents inside are used by farmers, professional horticulturalists, curators of some of the most famous landscapes in the country, master gardeners, and beginners, too, to create healthy, robust soil that stays fertile for generations.

And there’s a bunch of additional benefits, too.

Here’s a few:

+ Improve water retention

+ Better O2 flow into the soil

+ Reduce soil compaction

+ Boost your soil's cation exchange capacity

+ Enhanced drought resistance

+ Healthier soil microbes

+ Reduce fertilizer usage

+ Stronger soil immune system

+ Great for growing nutrient dense vegetables

+ Planting trees

+ Helping sandy soil retain water

+ Increasing soil organic matter

+ Fertilizer retention

+ Improving water drainage

+ Reduced soil compaction in clay soil

+ Healthier soil microbiome

+ Better tasting food

+ Disease resistance

+ Make your own DIY super soil mix

+ Advanced composting

+ Useful in making fertilizer teas

+ Moderate extreme swings in soil temperature

+ Giving cheap bulk topsoil or garden soil a boost

+ Natural fencing

+ And much more...

And here’s another thing to consider.

My Ready-To-Use Biochar made with the best natural and organic ingredients so you can feed your soil and run your garden on autopilot such as:

+ Mycorrhizal Fungi ...they’re SUPER COOL because they enable your plants to take in water and nutrients more efficiently so you can grow healthier, more resilient plants.

+ Worm Castings ...revitalize your soil with essential microbes and sit back and let the natural system Mother Nature created do the hard work for ya.

+ Lobster & Crab Shell Compost to help activate your soil's natural immune system so you can grow without the frustration of being overrun by weeds and diseases.

+ Kelp Meal so you can keep soil conditions in the proper range, maximize nutrient uptake, and watch your plants thrive.

+ PLUS... High Quality Premium Biochar ...The ONLY THING that can add the Long Lasting Structure to your soil.

Let me dig into that last point a little bit…

+ Biochar is kinda like having a plant nutrient magnet in your soil so you don't need to worry about fertilizing all the time.

+ And it Doesn't Fall Apart When Wet ...which means you can eliminate soil compaction and help your plant roots breathe.

+ Biochar is Highly Porous ...soil microbes love it! They build their homes in it. Always a good thing. :-)

+ Biochar Protects Against Drought ...EVEN WHEN it's really hot and dry outside. (No more pan-crusty soil in your yard.)

+ Biochar Slowly Releases Nutrients Back Into Your Soil ...another game changer for sure because now your plants can always access the nutrients they need when they’re hungry.

But that’s not all.

In the beginning, I wrote how I believe how your soil is one of the best investments you could ever make.

What makes me say that?

Well, the Kalanso Biochar you put in your soil today is going to be there for generations to come. Yes, I said generations. And even that’s probably undercutting it. In theory the biochar in your bucket can last in your soil for about 1 million years. If you think about it, the moment you use it we enter into a long term relationship.

So, you better think long and hard before using it… ha!

Just kidding.

(But not really…)

What that means though is the biochar is going to be more effective over time at:

+ Improving water retention

+ Protecting your plants against drought and diseases and infestations

+ Balancing nutrient levels in your soil

+ Producing better tasting fruits and vegetables

+ Growing stronger, healthier plants

+ Ensuring the microbes in your soil thrive

+ Reducing or eliminating soil compaction

+ Improving soil aeration

+ And much more…

And while I'm at it let me address something else.

Your bucket.

I don't want you to forget it.

It's not the star of the show.

But it's important just the same.

See, your bucket doesn’t spill.

It doesn’t leak.

It’s solid.


And it’s recyclable.

Food grade quality.

And you can plant directly in it, too.

(After you’ve used all of its delicious ready-to-use contents, of course.)


Each bucket provides about 250 square feet of blanket coverage ...that means you dump out the entire contents of the bucket on the area you want to treat and rake it all in to the first 3-6 inches of soil.

You can also use the "one handful per plant" rule of thumb ...which would enable you to treat dozens (or hundreds) of in-ground plants at a time depending on their size. In practice we use half a bucket to plant trees that have already matured for a few years in a nursery setting. So if that's your baseline can "guesstimate" from there.


That’s about it.

If you think this product is a good fit for you, I hope you buy it and use it.

You can do that simply by:

+ Adding as many as you want to your cart

+ Clicking "Add To Cart"

+ And completing your order

Your Pal,


P.S. If you have any questions, you have my email. Write me.