Raw Biochar Bag
Raw Biochar Bag
Raw Biochar Bag

Raw Biochar Bag

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for checking out this page.

Since you’re here now...

My guess is you’ve had some success with my products in the past and you're thinking about getting some more.

Or you got here through one of my videos and are interested in trying the very thing you saw me yapping about.

Either way...

Let me get straight to point.

As you can see, this bag is very basic looking.

It may take weeks to ship.

And it’s pricey.


I believe making your soil (even) better than it is currently is a smart investment.

And it’s one of those investments that you can reap the rewards from for a long time.

And even though what you see is a boring, bland, unimaginative white bag…

Looks can be deceiving.

The contents inside are used by farmers, professional horticulturalists, curators of some of the most famous landscapes in the country, master gardeners, and beginners, too, to create healthy, robust soil that stays fertile for generations.

And there’s a bunch of additional benefits, too.

Here’s a few:

  • More plant vigor and less boring “ho hum” growth

  • Might result in up to a 100% increase in plant water availability

  • No stink — Actually, it’s got ZERO smell at all.

  • Loaded with prebiotics to feed beneficial nitrogen fixing soil microbes the moment it comes in contact with your native soil

  • May completely eliminate soil compaction from heavy clay. (My Raw Biochar can make a handful of your heavy clay soil feel light and feather weight.)

  • Drought protection (especially if you live in area vulnerable to water bans and such — according to the journal BMC Plant Biology, my Raw Biochar's ingredients can cut your risk of wilting by 27% due to “drought stress”)

  • May work as a control mechanism against jumping worms (The Wisconsin Extension Program — the group leading the charge against jumping worms — lists biochar as a viable control mechanism for gardeners against the jumping worm invasion)

  • Prevents “nutrient leaching” (the primary component in my Raw Biochar - the biochar, silly - has been shown to reduce “nutrient leaching” by up to 69%)

  • Increased soil fertility

  • Might add up to 20% more MASS to your plant’s root system (that would mean your plants have easier access to water and essential nutrients)

  • Boost your soil’s “cation exchange” (What if re-fertilizing your soil was the exception rather than the RULE? Upping your soil’s ability to hold onto un-used plant nutrients and then send them to plants on-demand is how you make that a reality. The ingredients in my Raw Biochar will help you do that almost immediately.)

  • May result in explosive new plant growth

  • Could protect you from harmful, and in some cases deadly, heavy metal build up in your soil (The Journal of Applied Surface Science found biochar binds with heavy metals, which makes them harmless to you.)

  • Provides long-term soil organic matter that enables the “Soil Food Web” to almost run your entire garden on autopilot

  • Acts as a “storage reservoir” for un-used plant nutrients and water

  • Extends your plant roots surface hundreds of times what it actually is -- which means your plants can pluck the nutrients they need out of neighboring soil almost at will.

  • Might help moderate extreme swings in soil temperature by a degree or two (which can make the difference between a garden that gets wiped out by a cold front that comes in early spring, and a garden that thrives all through the growing season)

  • Stops “soil erosion” in its tracks

  • Better oxygen flow into the soil — good for the beneficial soil microbes you already have; bad for “anaerobic” bacteria such as E-COLI which is found in poorly made compost

  • Binds tiny little free-floating soil particles together and creates a continuous cycle of lasting soil structure

  • Provides the correct type of nitrogen to your plants (Most vegetables, annuals, and grasses prefer “nitrite” while trees, shrubs, and perennials prefer “ammonium”)

  • Improved “nutrient density” in the food you grow in your garden (when you test food from grocery stores for nutrient density you’ll see they typically rank in the low to medium ranges... however, you may see “refractive index” scores in the high to excellent ranges from fruits and vegetables you grow with my Raw Biochar.)

  • Could reduce (or eliminate) root rot and damping off

  • Connects multiple plants from different species together in one self-sustaining network (This is kind of like having your very own “Soil Intelligence Network” on constant alert 24/7 for threats. And it gives your plants the ability to “share” nutrients with each other even if they’re not the same kind of plant.)

  • May increase the strength of your soil’s own IMMUNE SYSTEM to fight off diseases (The mycorrhizal fungi in your soil LOVE this stuff... they just by themselves are known to create “physical barriers” around, and even WITHIN, plant roots that prevent some pathogenic organisms from successfully infiltrating your plants)

  • Promotes lasting soil structure and prevents your soil from turning to mud (even if it rains a lot in your neck of the woods)

  • Great for turning cheap $5-dollar-a-bag top soil into your very own SUPER SOIL (that lasts a long time, too)

  • WARNING: Might reduce the impact of herbicides (research from the US Department of Agriculture shows that properly made biochar —- which is exactly what you get in this bag — can do this and this might not be what you want)

  • May extend your growing season by several weeks which means more homegrown food for you to feast on 

  • Great addition to your home-made compost 

  • And much, much more... 


In the beginning...

I wrote how I believe how your soil is one of the best investments you could ever make.

What makes me say that?

Well, when you put my Raw Biochar into your soil today...

It's going to be there for a while.

How long?

Not days...

Not weeks...

Not months...

Not even years.

It's going to be there for...


Yes, I said generations.

And even that’s probably undercutting it.

In theory, the biochar in your bag can last in your soil for about 1 million years.


If you think about it, the moment you use...

You and I enter into a long term relationship.

And that means, you better think long and hard before using it.


Just kidding.

(But am I?)

What that means though is...

The biochar is going to be more effective over time at:

+ Improving water retention

+ Protecting your plants against drought and diseases and infestations

+ Balancing nutrient levels in your soil

+ Producing better tasting fruits and vegetables

+ Growing stronger, healthier plants

+ Ensuring the microbes in your soil thrive

+ Reducing or eliminating soil compaction

+ Improving soil aeration

+ And much more…


And while I'm blabbering on...

Let me address something else.


How Much You Need To Use



You dump out the entire contents of the bag...

Onto the area you want to treat.

And then...

You rake the pile of raw biochar into the top 3-6 inches of soil.

How far would that get you?


Each bag provides you about 600 square feet of blanket coverage.

So if that's what you did... 

That's about what you'd get.

You'd cover 600 square feet of your yard 3-6 inches deep (blanket coverage.)

In practice...

You can get a lot more out of it by using my "one handful per plant" slacker method.

(That's about 1/3 cup per gallon of soil, or 3-4 cups per cubic foot of soil).

Doing so would enable you to treat dozens (or hundreds) of in-ground plants at a time.

It all depends on your situation.

When you purchase one or more of my Raw Biochar Bags...

I'll send you detailed instructions for how to use it for many scenarios such as:




Outdoor garden beds

Seed starting (indoors or outdoors)

Top dressing existing garden beds

Pots and containers

And tree planting

And many more...

The bottom line is...

A Little Raw Biochar Goes A Long Way


That’s about it.

If you feel this product is a good fit for you...

I hope you buy it.

And I hope you put it to good use in your soil.

You can do that simply by:

+ Setting the quantity to however many bags you want

+ Clicking "Add To Cart"

+ And completing your order

And don't you worry for a second about shipping and handling.

That's on me.


Hop to it my friend!

You are moments away from having soil that lasts!

Your Pal,

Pat White

Kalanso Biochar