One Quart

One Quart

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Grow strong and healthy plants fast, without chemicals, with our biochar-based soil enhancement. Water less and use less fertilizer. Add beneficial microorganisms and carbon to your soil.

How to Use

Seed starter:

Add 1-3 tablespoons to each seedling tray cell, then add your seeds into the mix. 


Take one or two handfuls and mix into your potting soil.


Take one or two handfuls and mix into the root zone of your plants. 

Nutrient Info

  • 50% biochar with a carbon-ash ratio of 90:10.
  • Organic compost to populate the biochar with microorganisms and provide nutrients.
  • Worm castings to help balance out soil acidity.
  • Kelp meal for potassium, which stimulates plant growth.