Easy Grip Container - Large

Easy Grip Container - Large

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Healthy soil isn't built in a day.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I remember planting squash in my garden in Mali thinking that, "If I just put the seeds in the ground, they'll just grow." Guess what? They didn't. 🤪

I know now that when you have healthy soil, you can grow healthy plants. But healthy soil doesn't come overnight.

Our 1 gallon Easy Grip Container has the volume you need to get your soil ready before planting season, so that the soil is primed to help your plants grow big and beautiful.

Is this right for me?

Yes, if your goal is to prepare your soil for planting several weeks or months down the line.

How to Use

The Fall and Winter is a good time to prepare your containers for planting in the Spring. Use a gardening tool or your hands to work the soil amendment into the top 6 inches of your potting medium. Remember to wash your hands with soap after. 😉

Nutrient Info

  • 50% biochar with a carbon-ash ratio of 85:15.
  • Organic compost to populate the biochar with microorganisms and provide nutrients.
  • Worm castings to help balance out soil acidity.
  • Kelp meal for potassium, which stimulates plant growth.