How plants drink water: part 5️⃣

Water sticks together.  😛

One interesting thing about water molecules is that if you lined them up one after another, and you tugged on the first molecule, all the other ones would move as well. This is because water molecules have one negative and one positive charge.

In chemistry, opposites attract. So the negative charge of one water molecule attaches to the positive charge of another, and so on.

Given that water sticks together, and water evaporates because of transpiration, what does that mean for how water moves through the xylem? Beginning to see a picture emerge here?

Read on.


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  1. Pass me the water, please. 💦
  2. The root of the matter. 🧐
  3. Oh xylem, my xylem. 😍
  4. Transpiration: take a breath. 🤭
  5. Water sticks together. 😛
  6. Cohesion: water that sticks together, evaporates together. 🤯
  7. Adhesion: liquids stick to the surface of their container. 🤮
  8. How do these forces work together? 🤔
  9. Final Thoughts 🙌

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