How plants drink water: part 4️⃣

Transpiration: take a breath.  🤭

Leaves have pores just like your skin does. For me, that was a huge 💡.

These pores are open during the day to let in carbon dioxide, which plants use to make sugars to give to microbes in the soil in exchange for nutrients. It so happens these pores are connected to the xylem. When the pores open, they expose water molecules at the tip of the xylem to air, which causes them to evaporate.

Ok, it's getting really interesting right now, but the next bit will expand your mind.


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  1. Pass me the water, please. 💦
  2. The root of the matter. 🧐
  3. Oh xylem, my xylem. 😍
  4. Transpiration: take a breath. 🤭
  5. Water sticks together. 😛
  6. Cohesion: water that sticks together, evaporates together. 🤯
  7. Adhesion: liquids stick to the surface of their container. 🤮
  8. How do these forces work together? 🤔
  9. Final Thoughts 🙌

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