How plants drink water: part 3️⃣

Oh xylem, my xylem. 😍

We know that root pressure causes water molecules in the soil to enter root cells, but that’s only part of the story. Water still needs to move to other parts of the plant where it’s needed.

The main pathway through which water moves is called the xylem. The xylem is basically a long straw that connects the root system to the upper reaches of the plant. The real question, though, is how does water move through the xylem?

Read on to find out.


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  1. Pass me the water, please. 💦
  2. The root of the matter. 🧐
  3. Oh xylem, my xylem. 😍
  4. Transpiration: take a breath. 🤭
  5. Water sticks together. 😛
  6. Cohesion: water that sticks together, evaporates together. 🤯
  7. Adhesion: liquids stick to the surface of their container. 🤮
  8. How do these forces work together? 🤔
  9. Final Thoughts 🙌

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