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Always have strong plants.

Kalanso Biochar improves water retention and aeration, nutrient holding, and supports a thriving microbial ecosystem in your soil. Apply once, and you'll have healthy, robust soil that lasts thousands of years.

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Have you heard of biochar?

What can it do for you? πŸ€”

Grow beautiful, healthy plants.

Our biochar-based soil amendments are loaded up with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, and is ready to help your plants grow.

That's cool! 😁

Turn your soil into a water absorbing sponge.

Our biochar-based soil amendments naturally soak up to 25% its weight in water. When your plants are thirsty, microorganisms in the soil will take the water stored in the biochar and deliver it to your plants. πŸ˜‡

Rock on! 😎

Keep carbon in the ground. For good.

Making biochar removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Using biochar as a soil amendment keeps it in the ground for hundreds, even thousands of years! This is because we burn the starting material a special way, without oxygen, so it doesn't turn into CO2. ☁️ 

Your plants will ❀️ you, and the planet will be over the πŸŒ™.

Earth worm friendly.

It turns out that healthy soil has billions of tiny little critters, like earth worms, that work together to help plants grow big and beautiful. They ❀️ our biochar!

Just a handful will help you grow strong, healthy plants faster.

Our biochar-based mix enhances your soil's ability to hold onto water and nutrients, so you use less water and fertilizer.

It's loaded with beneficial soil microorganisms and nutrients to help your plants grow strong and healthy, fast.

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Hello World,

At Kalanso, we started with a couple simple questions: can we condition the soil to water and feed plants when they’re hungry and thirsty; and can we do it in a way that's healthy for the environment?

It turns out we can, and the answer has been right under our noses for two thousand years!

We hope our biochar-based soil amendments allow you to grow a lot of beautiful, healthy food. And we hope the next time you sit down for a meal with family, friends, and guests, you’ll proudly point out to everyone, “This came from my garden!"

Pat, Founder